Thursday, June 12, 2008

Report from Iowa

Sirens going off, tornado 8 miles south moving NE at 51 mph.



Hi, from Fairfield,

Survived bypassing of tornado ( dopplered, not seen)

Sky was really spooky clouds going every which-way.
The Sky did turn pale green in the area of the tornado.
Rained hard, blew, then all was quiet.

The news pics of Cedar Rapids are sobering.
I had driven down many of those streets with the affordably priced homes.
They are now have water up over the 2nd story.
500 year flood 14 years after the 100 flood.
They expected it to go a couple feet over the 19' 1993 high-water mark.
It is now 27 feet and climbing.
Saw a TV news clip about a Jon boat rescuing a couple old guys from their brick house, while the boatmen was fighting a fast moving current. jeeze.

Was at the neighbors helping him figure out vcr-DVD dubbing. His weather radio kept coming on every 15 minutes with new warnings of everything within a 100 miles.


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