Monday, June 9, 2008


From known associates:
This is a couple years old but contains some good stats:

US is about 25% of world oil consumption;
US imports about 60% of oil consumed;
About 45% of each barrel goes to gasoline -- balance to diesel, industrial production;
Some gas goes to delivery vans and taxis, thus about 40% of each barrel of oil goes to gas for commuter and leisure driving.
I found this surprising:

(for 2008) "Canada remained the largest exporter of total petroleum in March, exporting 2.542 million barrels per day to the United States, which is an increase from last month (2.464 thousand barrels per day). The second largest exporter of total petroleum was Saudi Arabia with 1.542 million barrels per day."

I sold CNQ a couple years ago after it had doubled. It doubled again.

Energy Information Administration

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