Wednesday, June 25, 2008


"A" sent the rest of us some links, which engendered a little chat:

Idle Pleasures

M: "The book gives tantalizing anthropological insights into society's views on those lazy habits that the author so enjoys, but the viewpoint is so antiquated and condescending toward the poor slobs who must actually go to work every day that readers will often find themselves staring aghast at the page."

A-ghast. Curious word. I should look that up someday, but just now I have a plate a cucumber sandwiches that seem to beckon me, arisen, as it were, they seem to have, from the very prettily starched tablecloth upen which they sit, cooled by the silver platter they occupy.

D: It occurs to me that M is the only one of us working a job right now...

C: Yes, and he is the only one with cucumber sandwiches.

D: Can maintaining a multi-media website, writing and publishing books, and promoting events really be considered "idle?" Isn't that a bit disingenuous? Like hunting whales, and donating the proceeds to "save the whales?"

C: Hmmm. If it's what you were going to do anyway and it turned out to make you some money, well maybe. If you are doing with the intent of turning a profit, well maybe not. There is idle, and there is bored. Even when I am idle, I need something to do.

M: Being truly idle includes not thinking about it.

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