Friday, June 13, 2008


Dateline Iowa,

The TV news is running 24/7, much video of Cedar Rapids under water.

Things I heard:

-) Sandbag basement drains and sumps to slow down water entering basement
-) Officials announced flood would at most be 3 feet above devasting flood of 1993, 22 feet. Currently 32 foot above flood stage.
-) Big main, modern fire department under 10' of water.
-) If well funded and water recedes quickly, 30 days to strip business to impermeable, dry out, back into movein condition.
-) Many homes and businesses won't be rehabbed within 30 days and will have to be destroyed.
-) Neighbors' son lived and work downtown CR, 2nd story apartment OK. Couple days ago they learned business would be flooded with a couple feet, sandbagged, then water rose quickly to 4 foot deep and breached bags.

I offered through friends, my house as a sanctuary for a family in need. But CR is 70 miles away.

I am headed to Fort Madison, where Mississippi is expected to rise dramatically higher than the flood of month ago. Glad I don't have a boat in the marina. Maybe I can snag a run-away boat escaping downstream.

Come to think of it house boats in CR are breaking away.....but would be reduced to flotsam by the time they reached FM.


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