Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hinterland Appliance Repair Story

The fairly new clothes washer in Fort Madison had very little hot water, just a trickle.
The hot water heater had been replaced a month ago and that set dormant pipe rust into motion. I already replaced the kitchen faucet.
After removing the offending part I find indeed the washer solenoid valve was clogged with rust, checking the solenoid shows the valve to be jammed with mini-rust particles.
No fixing that.
Web shows best price on a new solenoid assembly $28.
Yellow pages showed "Appliance Doctor", I have no phone since washing my cell.
I drive, searching for 3902 Bluff Drive., back and forth, then figure out the shop is in someone's trailer home in a trailer park.
Pull up in front of a semi-decrepit trailer. This doesn't look good.
Go to the door. "Come in" I hear hollered from the inside.
Entering into the oily mechanical gloom, I look for the voice. Finally turning all around I see an Uncle Eddy type character sitting at a cluttered desk.
But unlike Eddy he is open, warm and chatty. "Hi I'm Chuck. Whatcha need?"
"My hot water solenoid is not working."
"Yup I got whatcha need, an older model, but more robust and will fit exactly. $25 "
After a brief lesson about how Whirlpool had better direct drive than the Maytag belt system, that is why Whirlpool absorbed Maytag, and not vice versa, I pay mostly in coins and walk to the car.
"Oh good, coins, my daughters love to find these in my truck ashtray." Chuck smiles.
As I drive back I see a eagle wheeling over the Mississippi alluvial corn fields.
Easiest part pickup ever.

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