Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ceramic Countertop

My brother found some estimates as to how long house stuff lasts. I took a look and noticed that they claim that a ceramic countertop will last 100 years, while a granite countertop will only last 25. I find this a little confusing. First of all, what the devil is a ceramic countertop? I understand about ceramic tile countertops, but I don't think they would outlast granite. But that is a "ceramic tile countertop", not a "ceramic countertop", if there is such a thing. My other brother clarifies the situation:
Ceramic Countertops: It's fired in place. Of course, it's the only thing left after the firing. Maybe he means concrete countertop. They engineer some pretty sturdy stuff. Granite is not as strong, in my opinion. Just kidding. I can't find a thing except this and it looks like a mistake. The rest of their stuff is junk.

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