Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From Someone I Usually Think Is A Jerk

But occasionally he gets something right. I dunno about the sports angle, but I don't really care either.

Why Should Anyone ::.

ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD think America should care what they think about us, our politics, commerce, or culture?

Oh, I dunno... Envy? Ignorance? Hubris? Stupidity?

... all of the above...?

But serially, folks.

I mean... I mean... what the fardles has the world done better than we have that the advice they have to give us should be given any credence whatsoever? Economy? Science? Invention? Individual liberty? General prosperity? Military and political power? The strength of our culture -- meaning people actually (you know) want it, as opposed to being told by their (scorn quotes) "betters" the should appreciate it? Our absolute dominance in any sport any thinking, self-aware person could possibly find interesting (i.e., not scoccer or cricket)?

The lesser beings of this world really should stop embarrassing themselves and, instead of presuming to lecture Americans about how inferior and stupid and provincial they are, should instead buy a frelling clue.

Mark Philip Alger

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Anonymous said...

How about: accessible affordable healthcare, education, literacy, equitable living standards, economic opportunity, social stability, limited crime, and generally low levels of cultural breakdown and sociopathic degeneracy. But he's right, USA is undisputed #1 in NFL footbal and gangster rap music.