Sunday, August 31, 2008

Truth in Communications

From Miriam's brother, via Miriam and Dustbury:

Hello, and thank you for calling Furndock Corporation. Your call means nothing to us because we do not value our customers or their time. If we did, we would have a human to answer our phone. However, humans cost money and your time is free, at least for us, so we have bought a cheap automatic caller direction system. Since careful programming of this machine also costs money, we have programmed it very badly which means that you will waste a great deal of time getting to the person you want, if you get the person at all, which isn't very likely. We don't give a damn how much this inconveniences you.
Substitue Verizon for Furndock and you will understand the hate part of my love/hate relationship with my "phone-internet-TV-cell phone-DVR-remote control" company.

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