Sunday, April 13, 2008

Duck Joke

I saw a duck joke on Tam's website this morning. Actually it was a lawyer joke, but it reminded me of my duck joke, so here it is.

Duck walks into a bar. Bartender asks "what'll you have?. Duck responds with "got any grapes?" B: "No, we don't got any grapes". Duck leaves.
Next day, duck is back in the bar. Again bartender asks duck for his preference, and again duck asks for grapes. B: "No, we don't got any grapes, and if you come in here again asking for grapes I'll nail your feet to the floor".
Next day duck comes back to the bar. Bartender, with a look in his eye, asks the duck what he wants. Duck asks "got any nails?". Bartender: "No". Duck asks "got any grapes?".

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